Atlanta Business Chronicle Honors Inaugural Class of Outstanding Directors for Leadership

A high performing board is crucial in today's business environment

Atlanta Business Chronicle Honors Inaugural Class of Outstanding Directors for Leadership

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A high-performing board of directors has never been more important in today’s business environment. Superior boards have shifted their focus from statutory and regulatory compliance to become more strategically aligned with their organization’s goals and values.

According to an article by Dr. Thomas J. Saporito, the top factors that directors most often cited as contributing to the making of a great board were the qualities of boardroom dialogue and debate (88%) and the ability to ask the tough questions of management (77%). Conversely, the greatest factors directors mentioned as undermining board effectiveness were lack of candor in the boardroom (77%) and lack of mutual respect and a collaborative culture (68%). The greatest high-performing boards of today have an iron-tight grasp on strategy, putting them in a unique position to help their organizations compete and succeed.

As we reflect on the latest research about what distinguishes good boards from great, high-performing boards, we are reminded of Atlanta Business Chronicle’s inaugural Outstanding Directors Awards of 2013.

Atlanta Business Chronicle honors outstanding directors who have exhibited exceptional service to their boards and organizations. Honorees are selected by a panel of judges from the Atlanta chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors. The Inaugural Outstanding Directors Awards honored those directors who have exhibited the dynamic leadership and business savvy necessary to help influence their organization’s success.

During the ceremony held at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Buckhead, forty-five directors were nominated and eight directors were awarded for their outstanding service on their boards, including:

Janie Maddox, Phil Humann, Milton Jones, Taylor Glover, Gerald Benjamin, John Huntz, Bobbie Knopf, Pete Correll.

“Anything that you do that you believe in, and you don’t care about the credit for, is something that you tend to do very well.”

–  Milton H. Jones, Jr., Founding Member of Peachtree Providence Partners

What truly distinguishes great boards in this dynamic business environment, and great board members, is the effectiveness of board interaction, and ultimately, the ability of the board to align their roles with their organizations’ strategic goals.



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