Walter L. Davis

Walter L. Davis is a founder member of Peachtree Providence Partners Holding Company, LLC, where Mr. Davis coordinates with the management of portfolio companies to maximize the underlying value of businesses in key sectors including energy, financial products, healthcare, technology, manufacturing/distribution and consulting.

Mr. Davis is the former Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and a founding member of CertusBank, N.A., a full- service, nationally-chartered financial institution employing over 700 people in eleven states, and operating 35 branches across the Carolinas, Florida and Georgia. In his role as Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Davis oversaw Board governance and developed the strategic direction, capital formation and investor interaction that helped grow the organization into a $1.9 billion company organically and through acquisitions. Mr. Davis and the other three founders of CertusBank raised $500 million in capital commitments, and were the first team to be awarded a national bank shelf charter after the passage of Dodd Frank, the most comprehensive financial reform since the Great Depression.

As Vice Chairman of Certus Holdings, Inc., Mr. Davis provided executive direction and oversight for key business sectors including: credit risk management, consumer banking, small business banking, special asset bank, public policy and community development. Starting with the purchase of a bank in February 2012 until his departure in 2014, Mr. Davis and the other founders purchased nine companies and fully integrated them onto one platform successfully.

In 2009, Mr. Davis co-founded and served as a Managing Partner of Integrated Capital Strategies, a distressed asset management and consulting company. The company has managed more than $1 billion across several asset classes including mortgage, commercial and consumer.

Prior to founding Integrated Capital Strategies, Mr. Davis served as the Executive Vice President of Retail Credit and Mortgage Direct Lending at Wells Fargo Corporation, formerly known as Wachovia Corporation. During his tenure there, Mr. Davis led Wachovia’s nationwide originations, underwriting, servicing, settlement services and default management functions for the Bank’s $70 billion retail credit and small business portfolios. Under his leadership, Wachovia Retail Credit received the J.D. Power #1 Customer Satisfaction Award in 2006 and 2007 for home originations and #1 in servicing in 2008.

Mr. Davis co-led Wachovia’s corporate initiative to refinance its multi-billion dollar troubled option ARM portfolio. Mr. Davis also provided strategic leadership and direction to the Bank’s $12 billion mortgage portfolio. This included managing P&L and an end-to-end sales and fulfillment channel focused on selling and distributing mortgages in 50 states via indirect and affinity channels including: employee loans, wealth management, securities, relocation, direct mail, internet, and phone. Mr. Davis spearheaded corporate efforts to enhance the Bank’s collections and loss mitigation efforts on its $200 billion plus residential loan portfolio. Among his other accomplishments, Mr. Davis was a part of the executive leadership team during the company’s largest divestiture, Home Equity Sub-Prime Servicing in a sale to Barclays North America. He was responsible for directing Wachovia’s very first off-shoring “voice to customer” initiative to the Philippines after leading the first Wachovia General Bank’s offshoring effort to India.