Angela Webb

Angela Webb is a founding member of Peachtree Providence Partners Holding Company, LLC, where Ms. Webb coordinates with the management of portfolio companies to maximize the underlying value of businesses in key sectors including energy, financial products, healthcare, technology, manufacturing/distribution and consulting.

Ms. Webb is the former President and a founding member of CertusBank, a full-service, nationally-chartered financial institution employing over 700 people in eleven states, and operating 35 branches across the Carolinas, Florida, and Georgia. In this role, Ms. Webb provided input to the strategic direction and execution that helped grow the organization into a $1.9 billion company organically and through acquisition.

During her tenure at CertusBank, Ms. Webb and the other three founders of CertusBank raised $500 million in capital commitments and were the first team to receive a National Bank Shelf-Charter after the passage of Dodd-Frank, the most comprehensive financial reform since the Great Depression. Ms. Webb served on the senior executive leadership team that led the Bank to become the fourth largest financial institution based in the state of South Carolina, and the 17th largest SBA lender in the country. During this time, CertusBank generated $1 billion annually in mortgage production, experienced organic growth of more than $500 million in commercial/corporate and small business portfolios, and purchased a one-third ownership in New York City-based wealth management company, Monarch. Starting with the purchase of a bank in January 2011 until her departure in 2014, Ms. Webb and the other founders purchased nine companies and integrated them onto one platform successfully.

Prior to joining CertusBank, Ms. Webb served as a Managing Partner at Integrated Capital Strategies, a distressed asset management and consulting company. The company has managed more than $1 billion across several asset classes including mortgage, commercial and consumer.

Ms. Webb is a 20-year veteran of Wells Fargo, formerly known as Wachovia Corporation, and its successor institutions where she held an executive role as Senior Vice President. In this role, Ms. Webb managed a HR team that supported more than 20,000 employees in 39 states and 3 countries, exhibiting a deep acumen in disciplines including: strategic management, consulting, business underwriting, scorecard management, merger and acquisitions, divestitures, start-up, process integration, financial center management, sales, operations, human resources, cultural integration, diversity consulting and managing administrative teams. Ms. Webb also supported Wachovia Corporation’s off-shoring efforts into India and the Philippines, garnering knowledge of various asset classes including: credit card, mortgage, consumer lending and small business lending.

Ms. Webb graduated from University of North Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Psychology. She currently serves on the board of Bon Secour St. Francis Hospital System, and has won numerous civic awards for her community engagement.